Guide for making the best choices in DNA testing

Now that I have explained the benefits of testing with the three main DNA genealogy companies, I hope I haven’t scared anyone away from DNA testing. Everyone has different interests and family situations that will affect their decision in choosing the right company.

Here are my suggestions for those interested in DNA genealogy testing.

1. I want to confirm my Russian and/or Ukrainian ancestry.

Test with AncestryDNA for the best ethnicity breakdown.

2. I am interested in learning about the haplogroups of my mother and father.

Test with 23andme. It gives maternal and paternal haplogroups along with DNA relative matches for its autosomal test. More specific haplogroups can be obtained through Family Tree DNA with its Y-DNA and MtDNA tests but these tests are more expensive. Men can get their paternal and maternal haplogroups. Women can only get their maternal haplogroups.

3. I would like to join projects for my haplogroups and ancestry after I get my results.

Test with Family Tree DNA, the only company that offers projects.

4. I am looking to find DNA relatives who live in Russia and/or Ukraine.

Test with Family Tree DNA, the only company that sends DNA tests to Russia and Ukraine.

5. My Russian relatives came to the USA in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I am looking for descendants of those relatives.

Test with AncestryDNA.

6. My family escaped the USSR in the 1940s and 1950s. I don’t know whether my other relatives stayed in the USSR or emigrated. 

Test with Family Tree DNA to find matches living in the USA, Russia, Ukraine and other foreign countries.

7. I have a bunch of male relatives willing to take the Y-DNA test (paternal line testing) and we want to find matches related directly to our paternal lines.

Get the 37 Y-DNA test from Family Tree DNA.

8. I have a relative from my family who wants to confirm that we are related.

Test with Family Tree DNA. It will give  you the most details and best tools for your curiosity. I actually did this for my father’s first cousin who was falsely rumored to be unrelated for decades.

9. I am an adoptee looking for my birth family.

Test with 23andme first. It has the best forums to help adoptees figure out the connections with their matches and find additional help. If that does not work out well, then try Family Tree DNA.

10. I am a beginner in understanding DNA genealogy testing and need the best tools for figuring out my connections to my matches.

Test with Family Tree DNA, where you can learn the common matches of each person with whom you are matched and can use a chromosome browser to see which matches have the same ancestors.

11. I am taking one chance with this DNA testing. I am looking for the company that gives the most information on matches and have customers who are the most eager to figure out the connections to matches.

Test with Family Tree DNA.

12. I am looking for the database with customers who are the most serious about their genealogy.

Test with Family Tree DNA. A large portion of 23andme customers are interested in health data from DNA tests. A lot of people on Ancestry DNA do not know much about their ancestry in Russia and Ukraine.

13. I want to take a stab at the largest DNA database that has worldwide reach.

Test with 23andme.

14. I rather would like to make my decision based on the facts, ma’am.

Visit this page for statistics on AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA and 23andme’s autosomal tests.


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