Scanned Russian and Ukrainian Archive Records

A trend of posting archive records online has been growing in Ukraine and Russia. It just takes some patience to view these records that could breakdown some brickwalls for free.

It is highly recommended to download a language translator web browser app such as Google Translate to maneuver around these websites.

Those who don’t know how to read Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish or German script are highly encouraged to join Facebook genealogy groups to catch online sessions on reading these records.

I have a video guide here on reading Russian records to catch the basic information. A cheat sheet for reading Russian script can be downloaded here.

Updated Sept. 30, 2022

FamilySearch scanned records:

Russia, Lutheran Church Book Duplicates, 1833-1885– scans and searchable index

Russia, Samara Church Books 1748-1934– scans and searchable index

Russia, Tver Church Books, 1722-1918– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Western Ukraine Catholic Church Book Duplicates, 1600-1937– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Zaporizhia Poll Tax Census (Revision Lists), 1811-1858– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Kyiv Orthodox Consistory Church Book Duplicates, 1734-1930– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Kiev Confession Lists, 1741-1918– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Donetsk Church Books, 1809-1928– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Sumy Civil Registers, 1918-1922– scans only

Ukraine, Odessa Census Records 1897– scans only

Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia Church Books, 1774-1935– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Cherkasy Church Books, 1734-1930– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Odessa Church Books, 1780-1898– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Mykolaiv Church Books, 1770-1930– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Chernigov Church Records, 1717-1935– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Kharkiv Church Records, 1710-1938– scans and searchable index

Ukraine, Dnipro Church Books, 1780-1930– scans and searchable index

Ukraine Births and Baptisms, 1784-1879– scans and searchable index


Scans of Alex Krakovsky– More than 2 million record scans have been posted here by Alex. The website is updated on a regular basis. Many records document the Jewish population of Ukraine.

Babin Yar database– More than 1.7 million records from Kyiv and regional archives of Kyiv, Kharkiv and Ivano-Frankivsk are posted here.

Crimea Soviet persecution files from the 1920s to early 1940s

State Archives in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea– A diverse collection of Orthodox, Jewish, Baptist, Catholic and Orthodox record scans.

Dnipropetrovsk Regional Archives Metric Books– A small collection from Orthodox churches and synagogues

Dnipropetrovsk Regional Archives 1921-1923 Holodomor Files

Registration cards of persons sent to special settlements in the 1940s from Dnipropetrovsk Region

Registration cards of evicted kulaks and members of their families from Dnipropetrovsk Region in the 1930s

Donetsk Regional Archives– scanned records include Jewish and Baptist records

Kharkiv Region Bureau of Records of Civil Status Acts for 1920s and 1930s 

Kharkiv Jewish birth, marriage, divorce and death records from 1854-1915

Kharkiv Metric Records– Scans are downloaded as .djvu files. The files can viewed after downloading this program.

Khmelnytskyi Regional Archives– Currently, only 7 funds are posted online. The scans can be accessed on the left-side menu with the second item listed, “Архів on line”.

Pedigree Books of Kharkiv Province

Auditing Tales of Kharkiv Province

Soviet Persecution Files of Kharkiv and Kharkiv Region citizens

Kirovohrad Regional Archives– 145 funds are posted online dated up to 1917. Also records from synagogues and Orthodox churches can be found here.

Filtration cases of the Office of the State Security Committee under the Council of Ministers of the USSR in the Kirovohrad Region

City of Kyiv Archives database– More than 400 civil act books are scanned for marriage, divorce, death, first and last name changes and adoptions for 1925-1935.

Kyiv Regional Archives database– More than 750 books on the births, marriages and deaths from 1919-1933 for the Kyiv Region.

Kyiv Branch of the Russian-Canadian-American Passenger Agency 1926-1930– More than 1,400 records scanned in this database.

1897 General Census of Kyiv Region– Scans of 14 books for the region.

Lviv Civil Status Records of 1940-1941

Roman Catholic Church books from Lviv– A large collection of 178 books

Mykolaiv Regional Archives digital funds

Odessa Regional Archives digital funds

Odessa Regional Archives’ Nazi Occupation files of 1941-1944

Odessa Regional Archives’ repression files

Odessa Regional Archives’ Alphabetical books of the Odessa rabbinate

Odessa Regional Archives’ Alphabetical card index of Christians born in Odessa 1890-1905

Odessa Regional Archives’ Census of 1897

Rivne Regional Archives– A large collection of metric books have been posted online.

Sevastopol– A small set of scans for now.

Sumy Regional Archives– Some files are in .pdf format and others are in .djvu format.

Ternopil Regional Archives- A small collection of scanned records.

Vinnytsia Regional Electronic Archives– Online records include dekulakized cards.

Volyn Regional Electronic Archives– Just a small collection online but two Jewish funds and KGB persecution files have been posted online.

Zakarpattia Regional Archives– The collection includes filtration records and the first general census of the population of Czechoslovakia in 1921, Uzhgorod, Subcarpathian Russia (modern Transcarpathia).

 Zhytomyr Regional Archives– Downloading of scanned records require the Tonido program to view the scans. More records of this archive can be found here.

State Archives in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea- metric books of the Crimea Region and Sevastopol



Russian State Libraries (main library of Russia)– More than 400,000 scanned documents are posted to this website.

State Public Historical Library of Russia– searchable database of scanned books and publications that include genealogy and heraldry. See this post with linked genealogy-related publications on this database and a video guide.

Don Electronic LibraryDigitized records of the Don Cossacks at the Novocherkassk Library


List of documents on the evacuation of the population to the Altai Territory during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945

Unique documents of Altai Krai Archives

Historical and documentary project of the Society of Regional Studies of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Belogorod Regional Registry Records 1925

Belogorod Regional Revision Tales

Chelyabinsk Regional Archives– A portal is available with metric records, which were completely scanned in December 2021. Registration is required. A list of other  scanned records can be found here.

Izhevsk Archives– A portal was opened in January 2022- The portal has books from the registry offices dated 1918-1924 for births, marriages, divorces, and deaths, in addition to confession lists, revision tales and household books.

Moscow Archives– Almost 7 million pages have been scanned from Orthodox, Islamic, Jewish, Catholic and Evangelical Lutheran metric books. Records from the Armenian Gregorian Church and Old Believers are expected in 2022. The records are dated from 1744 to 1920.

Kostroma Regional Archives– Registration is required to view the scanned documents, which have been placed in an online reading room. Payment is required to view the records.

Novgorod Regional Archives– More than 1,500 funds are posted online.

Perm Regional Archives– The archive has posted scans of metric records and revision tales (comparable to census records). Registration is required to view records in the online reading room. The website has a search engine for its scanned metric records. A name index also appears here.

Saint Petersburg Civil Registration Books– Birth, marriage and death records from 1918-1924 scanned from more than 7,700 books.

Saint Petersburg Communist Party Registration Books– More than 5,000 books have been scanned.

Saint Petersburg Metric Books– Birth, marriage and death records dated before 1917 are posted here. More than 7,700 books have been scanned for this database.

Samara Regional Archives– The archive has an online reading room with birth, marriage and death records from 1780-1918.

Tambov Regional Archives’ Childhood Taken Away by the War

Patriotic Initiative of the Tambov collective farmers

Tomsk Regional Archives– Name search available for 5,800 scanned records.

Tula Regional Archives– This archive only has 10 percent of its records posted online. Use of its online reading room requires registration and payment.

Tver Regional Archives– Registration is required and payment is accepted by credit cards.

Ulyanovsk Regional Archives– Online records are listed page by page and can be searched by keyword.

 Vologda Regional Archives’ WWII evacuation records