Best Forums

Forums are the best and free way to get help in your search for finding family. It is amazing by how helpful people can be on forums. Here are the best forums I have found. Suggestions for additions to this list can be made in the comments section.

English-language forums

1. Genealogy forum on

2. Russian genealogy forum on

3. Ukrainian genealogy forum on

4. Russian genealogy forum on

5. Ukrainian genealogy forums on

Here are genealogy forums and forums that have areas for posting information on missing relatives and genealogy. It is highly recommended to post in Russian on these forums. English is frowned upon in many Russian forums. Please download Google Translate to get around these sites more easily. Then use Google Translate or Promt to post messages on the forums. These forums are free but still require registration.

1. Surname list on– The best and most widely used forum for finding relatives of ancestors or missing family from the former USSR.

2.– A great forum that provides helpful information on getting documents from various archives.


4. Wait for Me– A message board sponsored by “Wait for Me” TV show.

5. Union Revival Pedigree Traditions



Kursk, Russia

1. Forum for Rila Region (Рыльский район) of Kursk

2. Kursk newspaper forum

3. Our City Kursk

Novocherkassk, Russia

1.– This forum has a great section for history and an active thread for genealogy.

Orel, Russia

1. Orel– Link to the thread where genealogy posts are welcome.

Yaroslavl, Russia

1. Yaroslavl State Historical and Architectural Museum Preserve– This forum is open to posts about ancestry and relative searches in all areas of Russia.

Russians looking for their relatives in the USA.  Maybe someone is looking for you.


Read these two posts to learn how to take full advantage of these genealogy forums:

Making the right connections on forums

Kindness of strangers makes a difference


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