Genealogy on Facebook

Facebook was once about reconnecting with old friends and long-distance family. Now, it is a resource for hobbies, too.

Here are the best Facebook groups to help with genealogy research in countries of the former USSR.  If a Facebook page is posted in Russian or another language, please use Google Translate to participate in those groups. This blog’s Facebook group is here. (List updated July 9, 2021)

Russian genealogy

1.The Russian State Historical Archive

2.Генеалогия и Семейная История

3. Russian Genetic Genealogy Society (RGGS)

4. Генеалогия|Genealogy

5. Генеалогия | Genealogy

6. Новое генеалогическое сообщество. Для начинающих, любителей, профессионалов

7. Генеалогия Тверской губернии

8. Генеалогическое собрание

9. Смоленская генеалогия

10. Тамбовская генеалогия

11.Russian Jewish Genealogy

German-Russian genealogy

1.German – Russia Connections

2.Suchdienst der Russlanddeutschen ( Germans from Russia tracing service)

3.Volga Germans

4. Germans From Russia– Group has been archived.

5. German Genealogy – Prussia, Austro-Hungary, Russia, Denmark, Swiss & more!

6. Germans from Russia History & Genealogy

7. SGGEE (Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe)

Ukrainian genealogy

1.  Our Ancestors — Наші Предки / Ukrainian Genealogy

2. Ukrainian Genealogy

3. Ukraine Genealogy! Just Ask!

4. Ukrainian Ostarbeiter and Descendants


6.Ukrainian DNA Genealogy – Український ДНК-родовід

7.Доступ до архівів

8. Ukrainian Genealogy – 2

9.Ukrainian Family Tree

10. Ukrainian Canadian Genealogy

11.Ukrainian Roots – Towns and Villages of Western Ukraine

12.Our Ukrainian DNA

13.Jewish Ancestry in Ukraine

Galicia genealogy

1. Galician Genealogy Group

2. Galicia Poland Ukraine Central Europe Genealogy Group

Jewish genealogy

1. Tracing the Tribe – Jewish Genealogy on Facebook

2. Jewish Genealogy Portal

3.  Jewish genealogy in Latvia and Lithuania

4. Trakai – Lithuania – Jewish Genealogy

5. Russian Jewish Genealogy

6. Mogilev-Podolskiy Jewish Genealogy Group

7.Belarus Jewish Genealogy and Ancestral Travel

8. Wolyn History and Genealogy

9. Jewish Ancestry in Ukraine

10. Wolyn History and Genealogy

11. Еврейская Генеалогия

Eastern European genealogy

1. Foundation for East European Family History Studies

2. Eastern Europe Genealogy Research Community

3.Our German/East European GENEALOGY

4.Eastern European Roots

Lemko genealogy

1. Lemko Connections – English

2. Lemko Ancestry & DNA

3. Lemko Rusyns & Friends

Carpatho-Rusyn genealogy

1.Carpatho-Rusyns Everywhere!

2.Ruthenian Genealogy

3. Carpatho-Rusyn Society Group

 Cossack ancestry

 1. Генеалогия казаков


Latvian genealogy

1. Latvia Genealogy

2. Jewish genealogy in Latvia and Lithuania

3.Genetic Genealogy of Latvia

4. Lithuania & Latvia jewish genealogy

Lithuanian genealogy

1. Lithuanian Genealogy

2. Jewish genealogy in Latvia and Lithuania

3.Lithuania & Latvia jewish genealogy

4. Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society

5. Lithuanian DNA Database (Gedmatch)

6. Lithuanian Roots Project

Estonian genealogy

1.Estonia Genealogy

Belarus genealogy

1.Belarus Genealogy

2.Belarus Jewish Genealogy and Ancestral Travel

3. Belarusian Genealogy | Беларуская генеалогія

4. Генеалогия Беларуси

Armenian genealogy

1.Armenian Genealogy Հայկական Ծագումնա

2.Tadem, Harput – Armenian Genealogy

3.Marsovan Armenian Genealogy

4.Genealogy for Rhode Island Armenians

Polish genealogy (for areas of the former Russian Empire now in Poland)

 1. Polish  Genealogy

 2. Genealogy in Poland

 3. Poland & Genealogy

Document translation help

1. Genealogical Translations


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