Facebook Genealogy

Facebook was once about reconnecting with old friends and long-distant family. Now, it is a resource for hobbies, too.

Here are the best Facebook groups to help with Russian and Ukrainian genealogy, family searches and DNA testing. This blog’s Facebook group is here.

Russian genealogy

1. Russia Genealogy Research

Ukrainian genealogy

1.  Our Ancestors — Наші Предки / Ukrainian Genealogy

2. Ukrainian Genealogy

3. Ukrainian Genealogy

4. Ukraine Genealogy Research

Jewish genealogy

1. Tracing the Tribe – Jewish Genealogy on Facebook

2.  Jewish genealogy in Latvia and Lithuania

Latvian genealogy

1. Latvia Genealogy

2. Jewish genealogy in Latvia and Lithuania

Lithuanian Genealogy

1. Lithuanian Genealogy

2.  Jewish genealogy in Latvia and Lithuania

Polish genealogy (for areas of former Russian empire now in Poland)

 1. Polish  Genealogy

 2. Genealogy in Poland

 3. Poland & Genealogy

 Cossack ancestry

 1. Генеалогия казаков– This group has users post in Russian. I recommend using simple English and translate your questions and comments on Google Translate.


 DNA testing

1.  Ukrainian DNA Genealogy – Український ДНК-родовід 

2. Ancestry-Gedmatch-FTDNA-23&me-Genealogy and DNA

3.  Autosomal DNA

Document & photography help

1. Genealogy Translations

2. Random Acts of Kindness Photo Restoration Group


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