Newly published Russian genealogy guide available on in USA and Canada

The big moment finally happened. “Genealogy at a Glance: Russian Genealogy Research, ” published by Genealogical Publishing Co. is available for purchase in the USA and Canada on (The publication will be available again in July. It was sold out and a change with Amazon must be made. Follow this blog with the top right bottom to catch the announcement.)

The guide I wrote for three months before work, after work and on weekends can be found on Amazon here for $9.95 (U.S. dollars). Please excuse the non-splashy Amazon page for the guide.

Almost 3,000 words cover topics from archive records to the alphabet and patronymic names to communist-era databases.  It is a quick read but very thorough and handy to use on many topics involving Russian genealogy.

Learn more about the guide through this 2-minute video.

I am offering one free copy of the genealogy guide to a reader in the USA, with free shipping. Just post a comment to this blog post to enter into the drawing for the giveaway and I will contact the winner for her/his mailing address.

More than 100 copies of the guide have been sold so far. I am grateful to everyone who has bought a copy of the guide. This first generation Russian-American thanks you from bottom of her heart.

A big thank you also to everyone who has helped spread the news about the genealogy guide by sharing my posts on the publication through e-mail, social media and genealogy groups. This post can be shared with the buttons down below.

So far, I am aware of one review by Linda Stufflebean of Empty Branches of the Family Tree. Read her praises of the guide here. (Other bloggers and writers can obtain free review copies of the guide by contacting Joe Garonzik.)

I hope to slam Amazon with orders so Amazon knows there is a demand for Russian genealogy products. It is so hard to find comprehensive Russian genealogy publications on Amazon.

If you live outside of the USA and Canada and can’t get a copy from, post a comment below to make arrangements with me.

I have started a Facebook page for promoting the guide here.

In other news, I will be updating the Free Databases page this summer to cover all the databases mentioned in this blog over the years.

I also am working on a major project and hope to be finished this summer. I will announce what the big project is on this blog.

Follow this blog with the top right button to catch posts on important databases and guides for Russian and Ukrainian genealogy topics.

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