New database documents fighters of independence of Ukraine from 1917-1924

Quietly during the COVID-19 pandemic, an important database involving Ukraine’s history went online.

Names of Indepedent Ukraine 1917-1924 has documented more than 16,000 people who were involved in the fight for Ukraine’s independence. This website is in ENGLISH and can be searched in ENGLISH.

The database provides the following information on participants: name, unit of service, rank, birthdate, birth place, death date, cause of death, place of death and place of burial. Information varies for each person, naturally.

The results pages come back in English but once a brown bold last name result is clicked on, the information pops up in Ukrainian. Downloading Google Translate or a similar language translator app onto computers and other devices can put the information into English.

Ukrainian text also can be copied and pasted into Google Translate for quick English translation. Having Google Translate open in the next window would make the process easier.

Luckily, only last names of participants are required to search the database. A search trick that works for those of unsure of spellings of last names is using the first four letters followed by a * will provide a listing of participants with those spellings.

The database is expected to continue to expand with information on more participants so bookmark the database or this post. News on the database can be found here. The project managers also post news on their efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.

Once participants are found in the database, don’t be shy and copy the Ukrainian keywords from the database into Google to check whether more information is available online.

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