A shocking twist gets thrown into finding the mystery birth father from WWII

ancestrydnaAt Christmastime, I was daydreaming that my cousin would have great matches to finally find her father’s family on Ancestry DNA.

But nine months after sending her the DNA kit, I don’t even have my cousin’s completed DNA test in my hands yet. I am still fuming on the why.

Thanks to the strict regulations of the Russian postal service, the completed kit was sent back to my cousin’s daughter, who attempted to mail the kit to me. She told me that she sent the kit in April and I was counting down the days to when it arrived in my mailbox at my front door.

I only learned a week ago about the Russian Postal Service rejecting my cousin’s package to get through customs. She felt so horrible that she didn’t have the heart to tell me until recently.

Meanwhile, I am getting more matches on Ancestry DNA from Russians living in RUSSIA. What is so special about their packages that they don’t have our problem?

I contacted a distant cousin match living in Russia about how he managed to get his package out of Russia. Apparently, the trick is marking the package as a test sample or plastic tube and using an expensive express service of the Russian postal service to get the tube of spit through customs.

This match lives in Moscow so I am wondering whether a big city advantage exists. My cousin lives near the border of Belarus in a medium-sized city.

No matter what the advantage is, I am praying and hoping others will pray that the second kit makes it out of Russia and into the lab of Ancestry DNA in perfect condition.

My cousin got her Family Tree DNA kit to me last year and none of the matches are close enough to determine who is the mystery father. Hope started dying down when Ancestry DNA changed its DNA file format for transfers to Family Tree DNA and now those transfers are on hold.

All my kits at Family Tree DNA were getting many matches every week, probably thanks to the Ancestry DNA customers paying $39 to find more matches at Family Tree DNA.

I am convinced someone who tested through Ancestry DNA is the key to solving this 71-year-old mystery. With more than 2 million DNA kits processed, I am hoping my cousin can finally find the mystery WWII soldier who helped bring her into the world.

My cousin shouldn’t even be alive. Her mother returned with her to Soviet Ukraine in 1946 after they escaped to Germany. They were the perfect candidates to be killed at a Siberian gulag but somehow the crafty mother and her daughter lived a quiet Soviet life.

They escaped being sent to the gulag but a darn DNA test can’t get out of post-Soviet Russia in 2016. Apparently, divine intervention is needed for my cousin one more time.

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10 thoughts on “A shocking twist gets thrown into finding the mystery birth father from WWII

      1. Janet Deason

        Gedmatch acts as a sort of common place for test results from many different companies to be compared. The cost is -0- and I have found the descendants of my Grandfather’s cousin (both of whom came to America from Russia in early 1900’s. I have many matches to research and hope to identify even more relatives with the goal of eventually finding the 1st settler who came to Russia from Germany. .

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  2. Barbara

    Hi Vera, I am experiencing a similar problem to yours regarding DNA test kits. We adopted our daughter from Tula, Russia, and are trying to find her birth family. We believe we have found her half-brother. He has agreed to take a cheek cell DNA and return to us in the U.S. however, as you well know, Russia does not allow biomedical material in or out of the country. The test kit is quite expensive, therefore, I can’t afford to have returned to him if it does not make it out of the country. You mentioned you have a cousin living in Russia who marked used a Russian express service Would it be possible to provide me with detailed information such as the name or contact in information of the express service? Thank you so much!


    1. I recommend that you send the half-brother a kit from Family Tree DNA. It is $20 less than Ancestry DNA and it is guaranteed to come back to you. My mother’s first cousin did the Family Tree DNA test and it came back without a problem. I am doing the Ancestry DNA test with her because we are thinking now that the father was an American soldier. The biggest database for Americans is Ancestry DNA. The tools are better on Family Tree DNA for what you are seeking and Family Tree DNA kits are permitted in Russia.Good luck!


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