Memorial Website Opens Door to Find Living Russian Family

Finding long-lost family in the Russian-speaking world takes some creativity. I was thrilled to learn about a growing Russian-language website for remembering family and friends who have passed on.

This website- ПомниПро– is a perfect resource to see whether any information has been posted on long-lost family. Some memorial pages just have photos and others have detailed life stories of people who died.

Some will say “So what!” about this website. Then people need to remember that Russians don’t post obituaries and death notices online in the same fashion as the English-speaking world.

ПомниПро has grown to about 82,000 memorial pages in 4 years, not impressive but could become impressive in the next few years.

So if you want to give ПомниПро a try, here is how to search this website.

  1. First, translate last names of your Russian family on Google Translate.
  2. Copy and paste the translate names under Поиск по мемориалу on the right column.
  3. Once you have results, click on each memorial page and look for the words Владелец страницы on the right under the banners for the people being remembered. That link will give information on who posted the memorial page.
  4. If you are shy about using a Russian language website, use Google Translate to view this website in English but surnames must be written in Russian to search the database. Here is that link.
  5. The website also can be searched this way- translated Russian last name site: on Google or any search engine.

Happy searching!

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