Here’s the finest cheese for the best mousetrap to find long-lost family

First impressions are everything, even on social networks. Citizens of the former USSR have been raised to be suspicious of foreigners so building the right profile on Odnoklassniki is important.

Here’s what it takes to attract people to your profile on Odnoklassniki, with hopes that long-lost family will find you through your profile.

  1. Your first status post should be about the family you are seeking. Make the post simple and mention that older photos of your relatives are posted in your photo album.
  2. Try to post your status updates in English and Russian, using Google Translate or any online translating program.
  3. Don’t post photos of homes and cars that make it appear as if you’re rich in the view of former USSR citizens. You don’t want to attract the wrong attention and people who will falsely claim to be family.
  4. Post only in Russian when interacting in the groups.
  5. Show pride in your ancestry from the former USSR. Post pictures of your activities with Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian community groups.
  6. Don’t discuss current or past politics of the former USSR in any of your posts. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is very touch among the Russian-speaking world. Just leave it alone.
  7. Make sure to keep track of responses to your group posts. Even if the responses aren’t helpful, acknowledge them and be thankful.
  8. Join some groups unrelated to genealogy to bring attention to yourself. Maybe someone in fishing or traveling groups will click on your profile link and realize you two have a family connection.
  9. When posting in genealogy groups about the family you are seeking or researching, make sure to include any older photos and documents you have in the posts. It brings more interest so your posts aren’t scrolled past as much.
  10. Most importantly, don’t announce you are a foreigner in your status updates or group posts. Hello from America! or Hello from Australia! may be taken the wrong way. People from the former USSR have been taught to hate foreigners for generations. It’s hard to tell which members are excited about interacting with foreigners and those who are leery.

Please post comments about the successes and struggles of using Odnoklassniki. Any additional suggestions on using Odnoklassniki are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Here’s the finest cheese for the best mousetrap to find long-lost family

  1. Joseph Pesterey

    hello Vera, I don’t know if this is relevant, but if you are looking for family that spent time in the Gulag; don’t mention it unless you are very friendly.

    Liked by 1 person

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