Build the best mousetrap to find long-lost family this holiday season

okrusThe number of websites to find long-lost family are everywhere, even for those searching in the former USSR. There are a few great social networking websites for the Russian-speaking world.

But only one I will call the great mousetrap. It has one automatic feature that Facebook doesn’t have for its users.

Everyone who visits personal pages of users on Odnoklassniki pops up as a visitor in the same way as notifications appear on Facebook. Big deal, some will say sarcastically.

Send a potential relative an e-mail message or postal letter with the address of your page on Odnoklassnik and that person views your page, the doors open.

Most members of the social network list their relatives who are their friends for everyone to view. Unlike Facebook, all open accounts will show which friends are actually family to anyone viewing Odnoklassniki. Messages from current friends and strangers also appear in the same mailbox, unlike Facebook.

I used my account a few months ago to connect with family of my grandfather’s sister who wouldn’t answer my postal letters. A younger member of the family viewed my page mentioned in the letter sent to Ukraine and I finally figured out their family tree from their page, which was revealed by her visit to my page.

More than 200 million people from the former USSR are registered with Odnoklassniki and more than 45 million people visit the website every day, according to Wikipedia.

So it was not a surprise to find people carrying my two great-grandparents’ surnames in the village where they were born in the 1880s on Odnoklassniki. The easy search engine to find people by surname and hometown is an incredible resource to find long-lost family among the millions of registered users.

Even if a user can’t find relatives right away, the social network has a great area for groups that include many for genealogy. Some groups are based on surnames and backgrounds of ancestors- Cossacks, nobility, Germans living in Russia, etc.

Another great feature of Odnoklassniki is that status notifications are separated by responses to your status posts, friend’s posts and your group posts. There isn’t a need to dig around the status notifications to find the responses you’ve been awaiting in your genealogy groups, again unlike Facebook.

If you are convinced or tempted to use Odnoklassnik, here’s the best part. The website is available in English! Here is the link to register using the English version of Odnoklassniki, which is also available in Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Romanian, Tajik ans Uzbek.

Anyone ready to build the best mousetrap on Odnoklassniki, click here for my guide. I’ve been a member for 4 years so this is the best advice from my experience on finally finding those relatives mentioned in dusty letters or talks by older relatives.

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