Get sanity during the holiday season with a simple form

The holiday season is on its way but already stores are convinced the holidays are already here. Nothing like the holiday season stress mixed with intense genealogy research to cause panic that genealogy could take a back seat in the next several weeks.

So organization is the key to keeping sane while dealing with the holiday season AND genealogy.

Here is my Miller Sanity Checklist for Documenting Immigrants. 

Miller genealogy sanity checklist (best viewed in Web Layout under View in word processing programs)

Download this form to keep track of which documents you need to find and already have on your relatives. This form will keep you on track on what really needs to be done and will remind you how much you’ve already accomplished.

One great tip: Add a date to each check mark to remind you how much you have accomplished over time. Then print out the form and place it somewhere visible for genealogy rainy days to see your accomplishments.

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