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  1. Lydia Kaskowski

    My parents were taken during the war to Germany. My Mom from Ukraine and Dad from Russia. Both met in Germany, moved to Bamberg Germany where both my older sisters were born. I have a copy of document that my parents tried to come to Canada in 1947, but because they had already 2 kids they did not accept them then, they were looking for singles. Dad & Mom moved to Belgium and Dad worked in coal mine, they were all the time Landed Immigrants. I tried to find more info on family, but can’t. I know that one of my uncles Ivan Olijnik which Mom corresponded with lives in the place where the war is in Ukraine. Dad’s family Fadeyiw, can’t find, Uncle Kostia’s sons worked in ammunition factory and were not allowed to have no correspondence with the outside world. Wish we could find more history. The same with my husbands family, his dad was a Ukrainian Kozak, had to change his name after war, so we don’t know the exact spelling of family name. Mom from Minsk, White Russia.


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