Time-killing Google search leads to massive WWI database

Everyone has heard the saying that things will come to you when you are not looking. I was searching on Google about my paternal grandmother’s Don Cossack ancestry.

I didn’t find anything too exciting until one result was a database for Russian soldiers who were injured and/or died in World War I. Sometimes these databases can be complicated to use for those who don’t know Russian.

But this database can be searched in English! This website also has the original records for 1,068,811 men who served in the war.

Most soldiers have their full name (first, patronymic and surname); place of residence by region, neighborhood and village; military rank; religion; marital status and date of injury or death. Then, that information is listed with links to the original military records.

Here’s how to use this great resource: put the last name in the line for Фамилия, first and patronymic names in the line for Имя-отчеств, (You can’t just use patronymic name for this line.) and place of residence in the line for Место жительства. If you don’t get results when you include place of residence, remove the information.

If you can’t read Russian, copy and paste the results into Goggle Translate. The only material that can’t be translated into English is the military records linked next to Источник.

So go check out this wonderful resource. A wonderful discovery may be awaiting you.

9 thoughts on “Time-killing Google search leads to massive WWI database

  1. Margret McPharlin (nee grasis)

    I found…..1 Grasys Julius Fritz. Livonia Province. Valka y. mustache. Strenči The First World War, 1914-1918 gg
    Project Revival Union Pedigree Traditions (SVRT) where do I go from here?


  2. Andrey Khrolenok

    Thank you for your review of our database.

    There are some small hack that can be useful for you. If you add “?hl=en” to end of site’s address, all site interface will be switched to english. But it’s in beta-version now…

    Have a nice search!


    1. Ilina

      Thank you very much for making this resource available. I have an ancestor who, according to family resources, died around 1917 in the war. His family continued to live in Bolgrad afterwards.
      I searched deaths/injuries of soldiers from Bessarabia, got 83 search results, none close to him in name. His name was Emil/Emilian, possibly spelled Yemelyan. If you have any thoughts as to why his name might not have come up during the search, I would be grateful. Thank you!


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