A simple archive search uncovers an unplanned thank you present

I was excited a year ago when a southern Russia archives office discovered a grand uncle’s high school records. Then curiosity got to me and made me wonder whether the same records were available on my grandmother and her other four brothers.

My luck was that only high school records of one other grand uncle was found. It was disappointing to read the letter from archives until I realized the archives had found high school records of my great-grandfather’s brother.

This is an incredible find. I have been so lucky that the great-grandchildren of my great-grand uncle found me four years ago. They have helped me find records in Russia national archives, submit my requests to Russia national archives, translate records for me and share photos of my great-great-grandfather,  my great-grandfather and my grandmother and her brothers.

Now, I can show my appreciation for all their help by sending them their great-grandfather’s high school records. I never thought these records would exist for my great-grandfather’s generation.

This wonderful discovery opens a new door for me again. I can check whether the same records can found for my great-grandfather.

It’s been quite a struggle to find personal records of my great-grandfather. His birth and death records are missing. His marriage record is almost impossible to obtain from difficult eastern Ukraine. Also, I have yet to discover one document on his Don Cossack service.

So having his high school records would be wonderful. It may not be found but maybe archives will stumble across another family record.

My luck with this archive to make an extra effort to find records for me can be credited to my gratitude. Any time they find records for me or my requested records are not found, I express my appreciation for their efforts.

So my thankfulness is finally being returned to me as a gift. It’s going to be such a thrill when my cousins in Moscow discover their great-grandfather’s high school records in their mailbox.

One thought on “A simple archive search uncovers an unplanned thank you present

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