Here’s to another year of adventures

It’s been three years since I decided to share my journey of researching my Russian and Ukrainian family. I’ve had some incredible successes while I still face some major brick walls.

Just in this past year, I finally found the birthplace of my grandmother’s oldest brother, saw my grandfather’s grave in southern Russia on my birthday and met another paternal Russian cousin on Facebook.

This all happened because I forced myself outside of my comfort zone and started using Russian language forums a few years ago. I am daughter of a Russian and an Ukrainian but I cannot type a Russian sentence on my own. Russian is not an easy language to learn.

Thanks to Google Translate, I have gone farther than I expected in my research from the convenience of my home. A lot of my information on my family I have uncovered through strangers in Russia and Ukraine has been free. Even more information was obtained at prices much lower than would be charged in the English-speaking world.

I am excited by what this coming year has awaiting for me. I have spread numerous posts on many Russian forums that will be discovered by the right people at unexpected times.

Results in Russian and Ukrainian genealogy research doesn’t all come from fancy professional researchers. It’s mostly about the effort you put in and how much you challenge yourself.

I thank you for being interested in my journey. I wish you success in your journey and encourage you to contact me at bepa.miller at when you get stuck.