Could a beloved sister be a clue in a major breakthrough?

It will be only a matter of time to get a major breakthrough on DNA testing. My family has two strong matches from Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder test.

Most recently, my family got our strongest match from a man in Kursk Region, where the vast majority of my maternal ancestors lived for many centuries until the late 1880s.

I got annoyed when my 2nd-4th cousin’s list of direct ancestors are nowhere to be found on my family tree. Then, the fact that his ancestors lived 80 miles away from mine made me even more frustrated.

Then I casually mentioned the married name of my great-grandfather’s favorite sister. My match got very excited because Krasnikov is another important family line that he needs to research more.

But as time passed by, my match became convinced we can’t possibly be related through my great-grand aunt’s husband’s family. How could that work out scientifically? Maybe a Krasnikov could be an undiscovered direct ancestor.

In the village of my great-grandfather’s family, the Krasnikovs are common. Anna and my great-grandfather had a sister who married into the Frolov family.  A professional researcher later discovered that my 6th-great-grandmother carried the Frolov name.

I have been avoiding researching my great-grandfather’s village of Putchina in Kursk Region because 10 years of records are missing from 1880-1919. Those missing records would answer so many questions about my family tree.

That’s why I have spent so much time and money on researching my maternal grandfather’s family in another Kursk Region village, where records are more complete. My professional researcher has researched about every possible line in that village.

So now, it is time to come back to Putchina to see whether DNA testing and genealogy research can come together for major breakthroughs awaiting for me. DNA testing can be the catalyst for major breakthroughs when enough record-based research is done.


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