Wondering if my family tree is about to grow

Lately, my research has been a standstill until I checked my Russian e-mail account a few days ago. A man from St. Petersburg e-mailed me to ask for more information on my great-grandmother’s Kozyrev relatives.

All I have on my great-grandmother, besides archive records, is a professional photo of her with her husband and son from the 1930s or early 1940s. I have a few personal stories from my grandfather’s letters to my father written in the 1950s and 1960s.

With my grandfather being born in 1885, no one living can tell me more about my great-grandmother or her family. My father was an oops for my grandfather when he was 50 years old.

The man in St. Petersburg doesn’t know his great-grandparents’ names so he will try to get his grandfather’s birth record from a registry office. I am hoping the man can get the birth record from the communist era and we will find his great-grandfather on my family tree.

The man found me on two Russian forums- forum.yar-genealogy.ru and forum.vgd.ru. I posted information on my great-grandmother’s family two years ago after I had a professional researcher put together my Kozyrev family tree.

The second forum is the place where I have found family three times. Several years ago, I had to give into posting on Russian forums in Russian to find distant and missing relatives. The chances of finding relatives from Russia and Ukraine on genealogy forums for English speakers are pretty slim.

Finding family from the former USSR is like weight loss. You have to change your attitude and methods if you are not seeing the results. It also takes time and patience for results to appear.

Thankfully, Google has a free online translator to make the search much less painful than dieting.

So let time go fast so I can see whether all the money I put into my Kozyrev family tree will result in finding some relatives. It’s pretty lucky to find someone with a common family surname and village. Now, the registry office needs to come through for the man in St. Petersburg.

4 thoughts on “Wondering if my family tree is about to grow

  1. Sometimes its like you have to go backwards to get forwards again on the research end. I am trying to find more information on my grandmother’s side of the family because I hit a roadblock trying to find information on my grandfather right now.


  2. Dmitriy

    Maybe you know about it but after a lot of my own use I ‘ve made a conclusion that if you want to translate from russian to english, you should use google translator.
    But if you want to translate from english to russian its better to use https://translate.yandex.ru.
    Maybe, the results of translation of both systems without clear difference, but there are a lot of nice little things.

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