Find Russian and Ukrainian graves online

Thanks to my incredible luck of having a Russian man find my grandfather’s grave, I was inspired to add  a new page- Cemetery Database.

I hope to find many websites for photographed Russian and Ukrainian cemeteries so graves can be viewed online. Luckily, I also am finding databases for cemeteries.

Hopefully, the excitement of photographing graves brought on by Find A Grave also will spread to Russia and Ukraine.

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4 thoughts on “Find Russian and Ukrainian graves online

  1. Are you only looking for cemeteries in Russia and Ukraine, or cemeteries with Russians and Ukrainians in them? I live in Latvia, and since there’s a large Russian minority, there are many Russian sections of cemeteries here.


  2. Antra

    Well, there are loads of cemeteries that have Russian sections, not just one. There are a few Latvian cemetery listings, some with photographs, on FindAGrave, but they mostly cover Jewish cemeteries or Latvian military cemeteries, so not too many Russians/Ukrainians to be found.

    There are a lot of transcriptions and cemetery lists on the Latvian site Nekropole ( – you can change your choice of language in top right), which covers a lot of Latvian cemeteries, as well as some outside of Latvia, including a number of important Russian cemeteries. There are some grave photos, but mostly just lists of people who are buried in them, and some listings are far from complete, but there are a few Moscow cemeteries that have lists with over 1000 names.


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