Maybe AncestryDNA will become more useful soon

The Internet is buzzing that is ending the sale of its Y-DNA (paternal line) and MtDNA (maternal line) tests. hasn’t promoted the sale of these tests in a long time because it has refocused on selling its autosomal test on combined maternal and paternal lines.

Current customers of only have one choice to transfer their Y-DNA and MtDNA data- Family Tree DNA. I am hoping this change will bring more attention to Family Tree DNA, the only DNA genealogy testing company that sends its products to countries formerly of the USSR.

When I first saw that was selling maternal and paternal line DNA tests, I thought what a waste of money. Now, I know they are a great tool.

I have been hearing rumors that is interested in opening a DNA testing lab in Europe in 2015. An employee of’s Facebook’s page confirmed the company’s interest in that option.

Having a foreign DNA testing lab will open so many possibilities for those with Russian and Ukrainian ancestry who still live in Europe, but not in their homeland.

My matches are so distant on AncestryDNA because those people are related to my distant German ancestors. My matches on AncestryDNA would be more useful if people in Europe, Canada and Australia could get the AncestryDNA test.

I am crossing my fingers that will announce its European-based DNA lab in the next few months. A better customer base will make the autosomal test more useful for those with Russian and Ukrainian ancestry.

I will post an announcement when I hear official word that a European-based DNA testing lab will open.

6 thoughts on “Maybe AncestryDNA will become more useful soon

  1. This would be so great. My brother’s testing only had one match for the second cousin range. I have not had any success in contacting the person though. What originally peaked my interest in doing the DNA through was a message on their board about a DNA Project being done on Smith/Schmidt families. It state that there are over 1600 participants and 179 matched groupings. This in connected with Family Tree DNA project. This was dated back in November, 2012. I just need to get the information transferred from my brother’s results. Hope it holds some answers to finding some family still in Latvia.


  2. Inna Saporoschetz

    Hello Vera , This sounds promising ,good news and I am interested in this . Good work , you keep us well informed , thank you , Inna


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