A bonus find for the adopted Russian brother and sister

I am crossing my fingers an orphanage director will answer my e-mail message to help the Russian-born brother and sister who are looking for their mother. Sadly, the father died soon after his kids were adopted in the USA.

The brother and sister have copies of their birth certificate but the maiden name of the mother is not mentioned. But it seems as if they have more information than American-born adoptees. I have several cousins who were adopted and it seems American-born adoptees have to do cartwheels to get their birth certificate.

While I wait for an e-mail message from the orphanage, I am so excited that I discovered online information on the brother and sister’s paternal grandfather. He was a decorated WWII veteran. I have tried so many ways to document my grandfather’s service in the Soviet Army so this success for the brother and sister is a bonus in this journey.

The grandfather’s service is so notable that his biography and photo are posted on the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation website. The biography includes his birthdate and birthplace so that opens the door to obtain his birth record for genealogy research. I am 100 percent confident that this man is the grandfather because a relative e-mailed the same picture as posted online.

I was even more thrilled when I found the five military award citations for the grandfather posted on Подвиг Народа. This wonderful website is such an asset for researching Russian WWII veterans. Such an online database does not exist for American WWII veterans.

Now, the joy I will have when the mother is found will be incredible. I never expected to find the father’s family so quickly. If only the maiden names of mothers were included on more civil records, I could find the mother much easier.


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