Dear DNA test, What am I?

Now that I have taken DNA tests from the three largest companies, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA and 23andme, I am trying to decide which company knows my ancestry best.

Based on my family tree, I am mostly Russian and an eighth of German from current day Poland.

I first took a DNA test from FamilyTreeDNA back in 2011. The population finder for FamilyTreeDNA determined I am 100 percent European with roots of Basque, Finnish, French, Orcadian, Romanian, Russian, Sardinian, Spanish and Tuscan.

Then two years later, I took a DNA test from as part of the beta group for the new DNA test. AncestryDNA claims my roots are 81 percent from Europe East (primarily Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia), 16 percent from Finland/Northwest Russia, 2 percent from Asia East and less than 1 percent from Melanesia.

The perks of testing with AncestryDNA are that I am told how my results compare to a typical person from Europe East, Finland/Northwest Russia, Asia East and Melanesia. I am just as much an Eastern European as a native person.

I am so way off base of a typical Finish/Northwestern Russian, who carries 99 percent of regional genetics while I only have 16 percent of those regional genetics.

The roots from Asia East and Melanesia are way off my family tree and must be from times before records existed.

So, the latest ancestry composition came from 23andme with so much disappointment. Its test determined that my roots are 70.5 percent eastern European (from Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Hungary), 0.7 percent Finnish, 1.9 percent nonspecific Northern European, 24.5 percent nonspecific European, 0.5 percent southeast Asian and 1 percent nonspecific east Asian and Native American.

It is so disappointing to have 26.4 percent of nonspecific European results from 23andme. FamilyTreeDNA’s results are completely useless. So I give the award for the best ancestry composition to AncestryDNA.

4 thoughts on “Dear DNA test, What am I?

    1. You’re welcome. Now, I wish I had paid $99 for the FamilyTree DNA test, instead of the $200 plus I paid. Now, FamilyTreeDNA, AncestryDNA and 23andme are competing against each other by charging $99.


  1. Bobbi

    I understand that your Ancestry results were more detailed than 23andMe. But does that necessarily mean that they were more accurate? How do you judge the accuracy?


    1. went on a massive publicity blitz that it got DNA samples from around the world. It should have the best ethnicity breakdown for DNA tests. But now FamilyTree DNA is redefining its ethnicity breakdown for customers this week. This competition will be better in the end for giving more accurate information on ancestral roots.


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