Giving DNA genealogy testing a few more chances

I am waiting to hit the jackpot with DNA genealogy testing. I am envious of the stories of great successes I’ve read on forums. My chances of the same success seem pretty low because both of my parents came to the USA in the early 1950s from the USSR.

My mother took a Family Finder test from FamilyTreeDNA in September and her results came back in late October. So far, her matches haven’t given me any breakthroughs. My mother has collected 50 matches and 16 of those are common matches with me.

Meanwhile, I only have 62 matches in three years from the same test. Soon after I did the Family Finder test, I also did the MtDNA test, which searches for matches by going through my mother, her mother, her mother, etc. I have five matches that should be related to me in the past five generations. So far, I’ve had no luck with these matches for my German roots from current day Poland.

I’m giving this DNA testing two more tries. My mother’s brother has agreed to take a Family Finder test from FamilyTreeDNA. I am curious whether a male relative will bring me some luck.

Soon after his first matches come though, I will buy the Y-DNA 12 marker test to see whether matches can be found for my paternal grandfather’s family. Y-DNA tests search for matches by going through father, his father, his father, etc. Only males can take this test. Men and women can take the MtDNA test.

It also would be interesting to find out from the Y-DNA test where my grandfather’s family from Kursk, Russia, came from thousands of years ago, giving me that line’s haplogroup.

Also, I have taken another DNA test. This time through 23andme. I’ve heard complaints that too many 23andme customers are more concerned about medical genetic data.

The FDA pulled the plug on 23andme for releasing customers’ chances of having various health conditions and responding to certain drugs so 23andme is using a large marketing campaign to attract more customers interested in genealogy.

23andme customers also complain on the company’s forum that matches won’t share their genetic data. I’ll see in a few days if I will have the same problem.

The three main companies for DNA genealogy testing are FamilyTree DNA, AncestryDNA and 23andme. I hope to have a better idea on which company is the best when I see my first set of 23andme matches. 23andme is claiming “the largest DNA ancestry service in the world” so I’ll see whether it can provide me with the best matches.

5 thoughts on “Giving DNA genealogy testing a few more chances

  1. Looking forward to hearing your comparison for your atDNA tests. My father-in-law who has paternal roots in eastern Ukraine does not have any close yDNA matches. This is most likely to the lack of tests completed by those with ancestry in that geographic area. His mtDNA isn’t much better, but we did have a few matches of 3-5th cousins.

    Check out the ISOGG’s wiki for a great write-up on Autosomal (atDNA) testing comparisons:


  2. We’ve used FamilyTreeDNA since I wanted to have yDNA and mtDNA tests done for them as well. 23andme and Ancestry only do Autosomal (atDNA). I’m waiting for his atDNA results and then we’ll be uploading to Gedmatch. I have my Hungarian grandmother’s info uploaded, but haven’t had the time to run the comparisons.

    My husband’s Didu & Baba settled in Allentown, PA but my f-i-l moved to NJ in 1980. His mom’s family is from Warren County. 🙂


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