Case closed unhappily

I was hoping that the marriage record of paternal great-grandparents from Kharkiv, Ukraine, would open some doors to continue research on their families.

I paid the Consulate General of Ukraine in New York City $75 for an extraction of my great-grandparents’ marriage record. I had hoped that I would get information that I do not already have on my great-grandmother’s high school diploma.

Nope. My wish was not granted. I got the same information my grand uncle Nick wrote on his mother’s high school diploma.

When I wrote to the civil registry office in Kharkiv for information from my great-grandparents’ marriage record from 1890, I asked the office whether the record has any additional information. I provided all the information I had from the high school diploma.

So when I received the response without any new information from the Consulate General, I was so angry for several days. Why couldn’t the civil registry office just send me a response that it could not release any other information to me? Instead I paid $75 for information I already had from my grand uncle.

The real truth is that I paid another $100 last year for information from this marriage record. I found a respected researcher to visit the civil registry office and he managed to get information however he did (aka unofficial). That researcher got the names of four witnesses of my great-grandparents’ marriage, in addition to the information I already have.

I didn’t want to believe that the birthplaces and parents’ names of my great-grandparents were not on the marriage record so I contacted the registry office, hoping that the researcher wasn’t able to get all the information available.

So, now I am waiting for the day someone from my great-grandmother’s family will e-mail me to say we are related as did with her husband’s family. My great-grandmother’s family is a mystery with tales of wealth and nobility.

I will have to count my other successes and accept that not every mystery will be solved until that time comes.

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4 thoughts on “Case closed unhappily

  1. Inna Saporoschetz

    I fell your disappointment and hurt for not being able to obtain documents that are so personal to you and have no other meaning . Maybe in time you will get them , just have hope , the situations and regulations change . I am also considering in requesting documents from Kiev but now ,maybe I should not rush . Inna


      1. Inna Saporoschetz

        Vera , I would like to find information on my father’s side, Kiev is not where I should look now . You know , the SEEGG site gave me some good information on my German side .The Odessa.3 was good , my grandfathers sister’s family tree , great information . Your blog has been very helpful .Inna


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