Find free help in Russia and Ukraine easily

I have been so lucky that my grandmother’s family in Russia uses Odnoklassniki, the best social network for the former USSR. This free website is such a great resource to find family and information.

I haven’t found more relatives on Odnoklassniki but the groups on the site give great opportunities to get free help. The site has groups for regions, neighborhoods, villages, surnames, etc.

I recently posted information on group pages for my family’s home region that I was looking for someone who visits my family village.

A man who lives a few miles from the village immediately responded and I learned in a week that no one carrying my maternal great-grandfather’s surname lives in the village. It is disappointing to hear that news but I am hoping sometime soon someone related to my family will see my post.

Sadly, too many church records between 1880 and 1919 went missing or were destroyed in my great-grandfather’s village. My great-grandfather had 11 brothers and sisters born from 1880-1909 but I only know spouse names for three and some children’s names for two. A census has two sisters unnamed with their birth years.

My great-grandfather said several siblings died and I don’t know which ones because the records are missing. He wrote about his family in a letter to two children but he didn’t give much details on his siblings.

So, I will continue waiting on Odnoklassniki for my grandmother’s cousins to see my post. I have found so many relatives on Russian forums. It is only a matter of time now.

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