Crossing my fingers for a miracle

Next week, I may learn where my grandfather was baptized. A researcher in Kiev, Ukraine, is convinced he knows which church where my great-grandparents and their children attended church before the Russian Revolution.

I almost gave up hope that my grandfather’s birth record could be found because I have had zero luck with archives in Kiev. The bombing of Kiev by the Germans and their occupation probably caused a lot of record loss.

I was contacted by a researcher in Kiev who seems to know archives well. I am testing him out by having him search for my grandfather’s birth record. Luckily, my grandfather was born in 1914 before the Russian Revolution and I know where my grandfather’s family lived for many years.

If my grandfather’s birth record is found, I will be so excited. I know one day I will visit Kiev, the birthplace of my maternal grandparents and their siblings, and I will be able to see the site where the family church stood.

I already know all the information that could be in the baptism record, except for the godparents’ names. Maybe those names will help me more on researching my grandfather’s family.

I am crossing my fingers for success in Kiev. It would be great to tell my mom where her Dad’s family attended church. Any drop of information from Ukraine is a miracle lately.


6 thoughts on “Crossing my fingers for a miracle

  1. Lorenzo

    Do you know the name of a researcher for the Kiev archives – I used several in the past and had good luck – if you have several names that would be even better since sometimes one is too busy the other has time for your project..
    thanks so much


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