Two years later, so much learned and more to learn

Two years ago, I started this blog with so much hope and wonder about my family search and ancestral roots.

I have learned so much because I became more patient, learned from my mistakes and developed appreciation for minor details to help me move forward.

I never imagined I would know so much about my Russian and Ukrainian roots and find more Russian and Ukrainian cousins over the past two years. Everyone who could answer my questions are long dead and my remaining family asks the same questions.

The journey continues and I hope I have shown you that determination will get anyone through the complicated post-Soviet era government to answer questions relatives, family letters and photos will never resolve.

Keep your faith alive in your journey to discover your roots and find your family. Patience and time will reward you with more than you expected, as I have shown on this blog.

Thank you so much for your support and interest in my journey!

6 thoughts on “Two years later, so much learned and more to learn

  1. I follow your blog for like you I have been searching for my roots and my authentic surname in Western Ukraine. I have been unbelievably successful having met long lost family members this past summer.I later discovered your blog and now follow your posts. reading your posts just shows us how many people are undergoing the same research. Keep up the good work and your information truly helps when you feel you’ve hit the proverbial “brick wall”.


  2. I only started my research a few weeks ago, and I am so grateful that there are people who like to share their experiences. It makes it somewhat easier for us that follows, so thank you (again) 🙂
    I too am blogging my research as I go along. I was wondering if you ever experienced that readers could help you with questions you just could’t find answers to?


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