Free DNA genealogy database gets even better

The wonderful database has increased in research value lately.

The website originally allowed customers of FamilyTreeDNA and 23andme to upload their DNA data. Then, customers of AncestryDNA were included in the database. Why waste money on DNA genealogy tests with all three companies when one website puts all the DNA data into one database for free?

The website was so overwhelmed with the AncestryDNA uploads that users could not add their data over the summer. Now, everyone with DNA data from FamilyTreeDNA, 23andme and AncestryDNA can upload their data. It takes a few weeks for data to be entered into the database.

Everyone who wants to use this website must sign up for a free user account. This new system makes the website more user-friendly. Users can keep track of the status of their DNA data uploads, which does not seem to be limited per user.

Before I checked every day to see whether I have new matches but I didn’t know which ones were the new matches. Gedmatch now highlights the new matches in green. The intensity of green is based on how recent in the past 30 days matches were posted to users’ accounts.

Sadly, gedcom files cannot be uploaded anymore to search for matches in family trees. The website manager hopes to have that function return soon. Apparently, the website has reached its capacity by adding AncestryDNA customers’ data.

So if you are sitting on DNA genealogy data, go upload it. I have a bunch of matches with users from the former USSR. Maybe Gedmatch matches I can confirm with paper genealogy will come soon.

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4 thoughts on “Free DNA genealogy database gets even better

  1. I just found your blog today. I’m half Eastern European with almost nothing to go on at this point. My Gedmatch numbers are A335186 and M112409 if you’d like to see if we match. I don’t know if you posted your number here, I just found your site a few minutes ago. If you can give me your Gedmatch number I can check, if you’d like.


    1. I checked my personal account on Gedmatch and we aren’t matches.What you have done so far on your genealogy research? Not everyone uploads to Gedmatch so I would recommend doing the Family Finder test from Family Tree DNA, if you are Russian or Ukrainian. Family Tree DNA is the only company that sends to Russia and Ukraine and possibly other Eastern European countries. Ancestry DNA only sends to the English speak world. I can’t find the list of countries 23andme will send its test to. Thanks so much for following my blog!


  2. Thanks for replying. All I’ve done so far is 23andMe and Ancestry. My grandmother is Ukrainian and my grandfather is from Belarus. I will go now and buy the Family Finder test. All I have to work with is the last name Ruteck, which I’m told was originally Yarutich, and Rucinski, which who knows if it is a variation of the other two names or a totally different name.

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