Here is the restored WWII photo from Ukraine….

The mystery with the below photo is over. I was thinking my great-great-grandfather was featured in this photo. But now, I am convinced my grand aunt husband’s image was damaged over time, making him appear as if he was the eldest male relative.

This is the best photo of my maternal grandfather’s family from World War II. My mother is the baby being held by an aunt, who is next to her mother and my great-grandmother. Behind that great-grandmother is another maternal great-grandmother. My grandfather is in the back row on the right, behind his father. It is wonderful to have three great-grandparents in one photo.

The photo restoration was done by PhoJoe.  I am so happy I finally chose to restore this photo from Kiev, Ukraine.

The website is having a 50 percent off sale until Aug. 22, 2013. Please use the promo code “REFER” if you decide to use PhoJoe. I will get a free service for each referral. This will be a great help in getting my family photos restored. I will give away some of my free services from PhoJoe as thanks if I get several referrals.

Miller Vera1bb     restorephotos0002


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