Let’s see what $39 can buy in photo restoration

I am so lucky that my mother received most of the family photos. It is a pain to argue with relatives about getting to keep certain family photos, letters and possessions.

I have been interested in restoring a family photo from 1943 so I could see better my relatives from Kiev during World War II. An old man in glasses and a long beard appears in the left corner. I don’t know who he could be. I am starting to wonder whether my great-great-grandfather Vasiliy Tyunin made it to 100 years old.

A favorite photography store at my local mall closed before I had a chance to restore the below photo. So I searched on Google for photo restoration companies.

I found PhoJoe. It is offering a 50 percent off sale for photo restoration. I am impressed with the portfolio for restorations and by the fact PhoJoe has been featured on several national news programs. I also love that if you follow them on Facebook or Twitter and use the promotion code “connect” when you upload your first order, you can get one free service up to $50.

This 50 percent off sale ends on Aug. 22 so I decided to gamble $39 (plus the $7 shipping and handling fee). I paid through Paypal so I am not worried that I will be ripped off by some random website.

I am excited to see what the below photo will look like after a restoration. I already know which photo I wanted restored as the freebie. I hope I can combine the sale and freebie from the first order.

When I get the restored photo, I will post it here. Stay tuned. This will be interesting.



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