Finally, a useful database on finally has added a database that is a gem for those researching Russian and Ukrainian relatives who immigrated to the USA.

The website has indexed alien case files for immigrants born between the 1840s and 1909. These files come from National Archives in Kansas City. details the information available in alien case files and how these files can be ordered from National Archives here.

Users can search by surnames on National Archives’ website but the search abilities on increase the chances in finding relatives’ files.

Russian and Ukrainian surnames and village names easily get butchered. So the search abilities on help to get around that problem. allows searching the new database by immigrants’ birth dates, arrival dates, other event dates, family members, origin locations, naturalization dates and locations, in addition to names and keywords.

The database has more than 17,000 files for Russians, 2,600 files for Lithuanians, 1,700 files for Latvians, 1,000 files for Ukrainians, 599 files for Estonians and 160 files for Belarusians. Hopefully, this database will be updated  as National Archives organizes the files and makes them available to the public.

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