Making the most of Russian search engines

American search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and Bing dominate the Internet but Russian search engines are just as good and can be more useful in searching for family and researching Russian and Ukrainian ancestry.

The owners of, an e-mail service for Russians as popular as Hotmail in the USA, recently launched a search engine- Gogo. This new search engine has 1 billion Web pages, 100 million photographs and 500,00 video files indexed.

The dominant Russian search engine is Yandex. Rambler is another popular Russian search engine. Both these search engines are known for their e-mail services. Nigma is another Russian search engine worth checking.

A lesser-known Russian search engine Rootle searches for information  on websites, in addition to information from Russian books, magazines and newspapers.

Naturally, it is best to write keywords for these search engines in Russian. Keywords can be translated easily into Russian by Google Translate.

So if the traditional search engines are not giving you useful results, it is time to try the Russian search engines that pick up material not found by other search engines.


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