Get the formal attention of Ukrainian archives

After several years of researching my relatives and ancestors in Ukraine, I have finally learned that Ukrainian archives have a form for obtaining civil records.

A lot of Ukrainian archives have Web sites, but some choose not to answer their e-mail messages or have non-working e-mail addresses posted. If you have contacted a Ukrainian archive office and have not received an answer within six months, I highly suggest you use this form.

Here is the link for the form, which is in Ukrainian. The form must be filled out in Ukrainian. You must know exact dates of birth, marriage, divorce and death. Here is an English version of the form, but it cannot be used.

If you do not know Ukrainian, use Google Translate to fill out the Ukrainian  form.

Hopefully, the archive office will respond to your request better than an informal e-mail message or letter. The Consulate General will actually send the archives’ response to you.

If sending this form directly to archives does not result in a response, the Ukrainian Consulate General in New York City will process your request. The charge is $75. Here is information on that process.

I highly recommend first sending the form to archives on your own. I do not know whether the Consulate General’s office will refund your money if nothing is found. 

12 thoughts on “Get the formal attention of Ukrainian archives

  1. Hi Vera but what if one knows nothing about exact dates of birth, marriage, divorce and death? It’s 95% of cases. In Ukraine archives as usually don’t make researches, i. e. they won’t check dozens of years to find parents, siblings etc… They only confirm or not already established facts.


  2. arlene

    have finaly found a birth record for my grandfather, but I looked for the village on the site above and it was not found, now what do I do?


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