Find living Soviet WWII veterans easily

A big door is open for anyone searching for living relatives who served in the Soviet Army during World War II. Thanks to the interest of a group of Russian citizens and businesses to show appreciation to World War II veterans, anyone can see information on living veterans on Pobediteli.

This database has information on Soviet World War II veterans who were alive for the 60th anniversary of the victory. The information is 7 years old but this is the best information available online on living Soviet soldiers – men and women.

Information on more than 1 million veterans is available on Pobediteli. The database gives the first, middle and last names, birth dates and residential region of each veteran. Pobediteli can be searched in English and Russian. The names of veterans also can be viewed in lists by region.

The vast majority of veterans in the database live in Russia. A little more than 1 million veterans live in Russia. Another 45,000 veterans are residing in Belarus. Only a mere 16 veterans are listed for Ukraine and another 37 for Latvia.

Once a missing relative is found in this database, it is worth a try to search Google or another search engine with the veteran’s name and birth year in the home country’s language. Maybe a death notice, newspaper article or a blog that mentions the same person will appear in the results. Downloading Translate Google is highly recommended for those who struggle with reading Russian.

If an online search is not successful, I recommend contacting the regional office of ФМС России where the veteran lives in Russia. These regional offices will check their records for addresses. Here is more information on making those requests.

2 thoughts on “Find living Soviet WWII veterans easily

  1. Jeanne

    I browsed through this. I was unable to find a match to a relative , but this is a great site. I read a few of the interviews-very interesting accounts of the war from their perspective. Under “other” they listed USA and “Pennsylvania state” and “Kolorado state”.


    1. lostrussianfamily

      The Soviet soldier experience is so much more interesting than any other country. People feared the Soviets would give into Hitler because Stalin starved his people and put them in political prisons for no reason. World War II in the USSR was fought by every able person. People too old to fight in the Red Army dug ditches and other traps in their villages, towns and cities.


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