Latvian archives post former Russian Empire records

Finding church records online from the former Russian Empire is quite a miracle. I found online the marriage record of my great-great-great-grandparents from a village near Bialystok, once Russian Empire and now in Poland. I also located church records for Bialystok that Bialystok archives does not even possess.

Latvian State Historical Archives’ Project Raduraksti  has church and census records and revision lists from the mid 19th century here. The records cover these religions: Baptist, Evangelic Lutheran, Greek Catholic, Jewish, Old Believers, Orthodox, Reformed Protestant and Roman Catholic.

Not only are records from Latvia posted online, but so are records from Estonia, Belarus and Poland (the eastern area that once was the Russian Empire). The website, available in English, Latvian, Russian and German, has free registration.

Records only can be viewed on this website, which has great zoom in and out capabilities. Downloading of records is not available.

So, check out this website to see whether your family records are posted online.


2 thoughts on “Latvian archives post former Russian Empire records

  1. Wow! I am so impressed by your blog and also what you can find online! I checked out this website which is amazing but I cannot read the script. I am trying my best to find the names of my great great grandparents on my mother’s side of the family. Nothing was recorded about them that we are aware of. My mother’s parents, Adolph and Helena Brutke, came to America in 1910 from Russia with their parents, August and Pauline Gusa and George and Amelia Brutke in 1910. Adolph and Helena were married in the USA in 1912. I have absolutely no idea how to find August and Pauline Gusa’s parent’s names, or George and Amelia Brutke’s parent’s names. It’s just so confusing. I’d certainly appreciate any hints or tips! Thanks in advance. They all lived near the Rovno area in Russia, which is now Ukraine, and the Gusa’s were originally from Poland.


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