Free DNA genealogy database saves money

DNA genealogy testing can get pretty pricey. Many testing companies charge expensive fees to transfer DNA information into their databases and require retesting sometimes.

If you have tested with FamilyTreeDNA or 23andme, you can use a free website –GedMatch– to see whether you can find matches with the company you haven’t used yet. GedMatch tells you how many generations you are separated from your matches, something I have not seen on AncestryDNA or FamilyTreeDNA.

GedMatch provides easy directions for uploading your X-chromosome and autosomal data. The site also allows you to upload your gedcom files for your family trees and then searches for matching surnames in the database’s family trees.

People with Russian and Ukrainian ancestry are underrepresented in DNA genealogy testing. I no longer get excited when I see matches with Russian and Ukrainian ancestry on AncestryDNA. Few people who do DNA genealogy testing have detailed information on that ancestry. The same is true on FamilyTreeDNA.

Hopefully, more people will keep uploading their DNA information to GedMatch. The website stops me from spending $299 for 23andme’s genealogy DNA test. I e-mailed 23andme about whether my data from FamilyTreeDNA could be transferred to its database. The customer service representative gave me an answer that the company analyzes DNA differently from FamilyTreeDNA so transfers are not possible. Yeh, right.

From the websites of FamilyTreeDNA and 23andme, I still cannot figure out which company has the larger database. So I will use GedMatch to find my matches from 23andme.

I wish there was a Russia- or Ukraine-based DNA genealogy testing company for me to transfer my DNA testing information. My matches would be so much closer by generations.