An easier way to find relatives in phone directories

Finding online phone books for the former USSR can be a pain. One website that makes finding addresses and phone numbers easy is Tapix.

This website has phone numbers and addressses for some regions of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia and Kazakstan. The search options include first, middle and last names, phone number, birthdate, age and street address.

So if you are looking for relatives whose first name you don’t know, you can search by the middle (patronymic name) and last names and see whether anyone from the correct age range is listed. Also, you can check old family phone numbers and addresses to see who is listed for them now.

One catch for using this website is that it only allows 10 free searches at a time. I use two web browsers to get around this. Also cleaning out your web browser’s history takes care of this restriction.

 Tapix provides full birth dates and partial street addresses for free. Then you have to send a SMS by a cell phone to receive the full information. Here is more information on the SMS service. It costs a few dollars for two days of unlimited searches.

This fee also can be avoided if you can find another online directory. Many online directories do not list birth dates like Tapix. Birthdate and age search options really help narrow down a list to find someone. After getting the information from Tapix, try using the information from Tapix to search for people on free phone directories Nomer or Spravkaru or popular social networking site, where people can be searched by town/city and age range.

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