The truth is finally revealed

The mystery of where my grandmother’s five brothers were born is finally almost over. A kind member of All Russia Family Tree forum went to Lugansk archives to look up the birth records.

Birth records of four brothers were found. I was so happy. The great guy who visited archives gave me several scans of each record and retyped every word of each birth record in Russian for a very affordable rate. I quickly knew what each record read when I copied and pasted the text into Google Translate. This is such a relief after having Rostov regional archives check birth records from Taganrog and Novocherkassk. Archives in Tallinn, Estonia, cancelled my search request when my great-grandparents’ marriage record could not be found.

I was hoping that more godparents would be relatives of my great-grandmother, whose family is a complete mystery. One grand uncle had a godfather who was brother-in-law to my great-grandmother. I remembered the married name of a sister so I knew I finally had one name that could open a door on my Skibinsky family research. The birth record also included his position with the city. Every detail on this mysterious family will help me.

I still have some hope in finding the birth record of the oldest grand uncle who was not found in archives. I wrote to Taganrog archives to see whether it will release more information on residents of the family home where the oldest grand uncle lived during Nazi occupation. My brother got brief information on the residents of two family homes in fall 2010 when he visited the city’s archives.

I am hoping the archives will send me more information by postal mail. I learned the true birthplace of my four grand uncles when I asked for a residency record for another family home during Nazi occupation. If the oldest grand uncle was born in another town, I could find his birth record and possibly his parents’ marriage record.

I have this grand uncle’s birthdate. If my great-grandparents were married in the same village as the oldest grand uncle’s birthplace, I would be able to finally make some progress on researching my Polish ancestry. Now, I just have to wait another six weeks to see if Taganrog archives will release to me more information. Hopefully, the end is near to find the birthplace of my oldest grand uncle and the beginning is near to start some aggressive research into my Skibinsky family.

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