A mystery may be solved soon

One of the biggest mysteries of my father’s mother’s family is where my grandmother’s five brothers were born. The brothers claimed Reval, Estonia; Rostov-na-Don and Odessa as their birthplaces on family documents.

I thought the real truth either was Novocherkassk or Taganrog, which is where my grandmother was born. Rostov regional archives could not find my grand uncles’ birth records. I asked archives in Tallinn (formerly Reval) to look for birth records. The archive office cancelled my request after it could not find proof that my great-grandparents married in the city.

Then, I received new information about a month ago. I asked Taganrog archives for a residency record of a family property. The office released biographical information on each occupant. I was shocked to see a small town outside Lugansk, eastern Ukraine, listed as the birthplace of two grand uncles. This was the first mention on documents that the family lived in eastern Ukraine.

I am hoping all five brothers were born there. It would make solving this mystery much easier. My grandmother claimed her oldest brother was born in Lugansk. Now, I have documentation that the second and third youngest were born in the same area.

Hopefully, this mystery will end on May 8. A kind gentleman I found on Генеалогический форум ВГД, the best forum for finding relatives and ancestor information, will visit Lugansk archives to look up the birth records. I hope to finally confirm this birthplace and will cross my fingers that some godparents come from my great-grandmother’s family.

I have made progress in researching seven of my eight great-grandparents’ families. My Skibinsky line has been my only struggle. A few names of siblings of my great-grandmother on my grand uncles’ birth records will open some doors for me. No one is alive today to tell me about my Skibinsky ancestors.

My father interviewed his mother on tape and she described stories of wealth and nobility for her mother’s family. I want to finally determine whether these stories are true. It would be great to find relatives of my great-grandmother’s siblings. I just need my grand uncles’ birth records to be found to help me solve this mystery of my Skibinsky family.

2 thoughts on “A mystery may be solved soon

  1. Arandun

    What an exciting new development– it’s so much fun (and so inspiring) to follow along and watch your research unfold!


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