Say goodbye to Оплата получена

The cyrillic language is still a challenge to web browsers on some webpages. The žÐ¿Ð»Ð°Ñ‚а получена on Russian and Ukrainian websites will go away with a few clicks. Even if you are browsing cyrillic websites with an online translator, the websites will not translate to another language without the below changes.

Internet Explorer- Click on the tool symbol right of the star for bookmarks, select Internet Options, click on Languages on the bottom, add Russian and Ukrainian languages below English and press OK.

Google Chrome- Click on the wrench symbol on the top right, then pick Options, select Under the Hood, click on Customize Fonts under web content, go down to Encoding at the bottom of the fonts & encoding page, select KO18-R (for Russian) or select KO18-U (for Ukrainian) and press OK.

Safari- Reconfiguration is not required.

Firefox- Click on Firefox in the top left corner, select Options in the second column, click on Options, choose Content from the top tabs, click on Advanced under fonts & color, pick Cyrillic/Russian or Cyrillic/Ukrainian on the bottom from default character encoding and press OK.

Opera- Click on the File tab, select Preferences, click on Language,  add Russian and Ukrainian and press OK.