Wait for Me

As a child, I loved to watch “Unsolved Mysteries,” hosted by Robert Stack. I enjoyed the stories about missing people the most. I always wondered- Is the missing person watching and will they ever find their family?

Russians also enjoy TV shows about missing people. One show is very popular- “Жди Меня (Wait for Me),” which ranks in the top five shows of Russia. Its website claims the show has found 150,000 people worldwide and 20 percent of the world’s population has seen the show.

This show’s website is a great resource for find missing relatives. To take advantage of this resource, I highly recommend downloading Google Translate for the web browser.

The database of missing people for “Жди Меня”  can be searched here. Type the last name in the first line provided for the name search. The name must be written in Russian. A Russian keyboard is linked next to the form for those not using a Russian keyboard.

Also, anyone can submit their missing person story here for review to appear on the TV show and its website. Registration is required for the submission. Users can check the status of their submission. After a certain amount of time, the story expires and must be resubmitted.

Missing people also can be searched here. This website for the TV show also provides a form for submitting a missing person post, which can include a photo of the missing person. The database has more than 305,000 people.

“Жди Меня” has a Facebook page here. Some people have posted information on their missing relatives on this page. So don’t be shy to do the same. The more people who see a missing person post, the higher the chances the right person will find it.

The TV show has an English website here but it has little information. So it is best to use the regular website with Google Translate. “Жди Меня” posted a few of its success story videos in English on the English website.

16 thoughts on “Wait for Me

  1. Another great resource. I guess the political history of Russia means that there is a perhaps lot more scope for those who went missing, not just as a result of War, but also the regime that followed.


  2. Yes and it is amazing that people are open to find missing family now. My great-grandmother was heartbroken that she could not talk about her son, my grandfather, because it was not safe to talk about people who disappeared. Luckily, he escaped the USSR.


  3. My daughter and I were featured on zhdi menya last year in London and earlier this year in Belarus – a before and during kind of thing. Was a wonderful experience. The production staff and the outside crew are wonderful. It was nice for my daughter to see where her grandmother was from and meet members of the family. It was sad that my husband could not make the journey and see his cousins, the Szpak family


    1. Jelena SAenior

      Hi, Carol, I have few questions about this program ZHDI MENYA. Few days ago I had a call from Moscow from a lady who said she is editor , she asked me to come to Moscow to join a new program , as I am looking for my brother and I asked this program to help me. How can I know it is real? that this lady is editor? Do you know who will pay for my fly tickets?
      Thank you, Jelena


  4. Alina Kamilovna Ushmatova

    I am 23 completely Alone in America after a horrible adoption need to find my brother but have no idea how, I. Know his name and where he was last but that was a long time ago any ideas? Please help would be amazing to find him.


  5. Alina Branscombe

    Can someone please help? My best friend left the country and is in Ukraine. Not sure what he is involved in but I need to find him. He left behind 2 children. I am worried about him and his safety. This is not like him to take off to another country. I don’t know how to begin to find him there. I tried the “wait for me” site but it’s all in Russian….can someone please give me some insights?? Please….


  6. Judiht

    I want to find my maternal grandfather’s family. He immigrated to Canada from Russia in 1914. We know almost nothing about the family he left behind. His name is Petroki Solotki (or Solidly?). His father’s name was Elei Solotki. I do not know Russian, so am unable to utilize the Russian websites.


    1. What documents have you obtained from Canadian archives? You’ll need to start with his death record and marriage record (if he married in Canada). I highly recommend getting every possible immigration record from Canadian archives.


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