I grew up with hardly any cousins from my own generation. I know so many Americans who grew up with generations of cousins. I felt so alone.

Not many Americans can relate. I am Russian. That is the cause of my problem.

My father and mother immigrated to the USA in the early 1950s. Leaving a communist country means you can never contact your family again until the Iron Curtain is re-opened. Contact with a foreigner, especially family living in the USA, put a target on your back.

The Iron Curtain is gone, but it is hard to find the family left behind in the former USSR. It is hard but not impossible.

I hope to help others in their search to find family. I have learned some much about my family. I have found family I never expected to find. It has been an exciting experience, but it comes with a lot of patience and frustration. I hope to help you because there is hope to find family no matter how long it has been.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Vera!
    Good job! Your blog could be very useful for many people. I met 5 different people who were looking for their roots/relatives or real estate of their relatives in Ukraine. Each story was very interesting story. and each story ended successfully: we found three alive families of relatives and two houses built by ancestors. Each story deserves be published on your blog. I’ll try to find time in a month or two and write them, if you don’t mind. Perhaps it could help someone.
    Thank you for your blog!


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