Patience needed every day

Some days, I wonder whether I will get further in finding more family.

Last week, information seemed to be flooding in. I received a letter from a Russian archives that provided birth dates and names of my great-grandfather’s sister’s family.

I thought my family’s memories of relatives could be accurate. Nope. The Russian archives that kindly gave records from the 1920s and 1930s provided names that did not match previous information. I know they gave information on the right family. The full name of my great-grand aunt matched, her husband’s name matched and so did the village where they lived.

Then, the next day I received photos of a cemetery in a village where my great-grandfather attended church. My contact for the region found three graves for people named Trunov.

I got excited when I saw the oldest grave. The middle name of the oldest man was Tikhonovich, meaning his father was Tikhon. I started to wonder whether his father was my great-grandfather.

The same day I received these photos a researcher who had studied my Trunov family gave me some background information on possible ancestors and phone numbers and addresses of people who live in the raiyon (neighborhood area) where my great-grandfather once lived.

An address and phone number were listed for the great-grandson of the oldest man in the cemetery. I had written a letter to this man before but the letter was returned. The Russian Postal Service refused to send the letter because it did not have a street address. So my contact for the region re-sent my letter from her city. Still no answer.

So, my mother and I tried to call the guy last weekend. We could not figure out how to call the guy with all the required codes. I tried so many versions and none worked.

I e-mailed my contact and she said the number is not working.

The only solution to this problem is possibly writing to the village elder where this man lives, with the hope that the man will write back. We will have to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “Patience needed every day

  1. Violette Farrell

    Thank you so much for such an informative site. I can see how diffilcult it will be to find my family tree. My grandma and grandpa imigrated from Russia ( Nikolaivika) to Brazil. ( porto de Santos) in 1926. Her name was Anna Bulgacov and my grandfather’s name was Serguei Bulgacov ( they had the same last names growing up, there were cousins). I dont have any other information, and dont speak Russian.
    Thank you for sharing your amazying jorney about how to find your family tree in Russia. it is an inspiration to me!


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